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"Slightly to immersed island, Lebron 13 Shoes leave the marriage." Slightly shell game, to see the game's "husband" Lebron James 13 sent me such a message. A little help a little dumbfounded. Is not it, but the dormitory broadband repair broken for two weeks, only ten days of this effort, on "the situation changed" Lebron James 12?

   Slightly waited a long time back to the past: "Why?" Zhenshuiwuxiang:. "Slightly, sorry, because you do not ask, Lebron 13 Shoes will give you a set of equipment cents as compensation."

   There alimony? Hair a little bit embarrassing. "No matter." Game already married when not true, the original will and Lebron James 13 marry, but also to do the task, only a couple have a task to do, so the gang of single men and women who have married, no real water Lebron James 12 sent a message asking can marry him slightly, slightly thought agreed.

   Now Lebron James 13 have six months to get married, although slightly nauseating never looking over her husband to her husband to go, has to address him by the name of real water, but tacit cooperation, side by side to do battle more, and Lebron James 12 seems a bit revolutionary feelings.

   However, the Lebron 13 Shoes Well ......